GDPR – T’s & C’s


Hair design uses a couple of third party services to store your data. This data is necessary for us to use these services. These services are, in turn, necessary for us to provide the best service possible to you. I want you to know exactly where and why I store this data together with who has access to it. EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS (GMAIL)

If you get in touch with me, the first thing I will do is receive your email and Phone contact. I am likely to gather and store some personal information from your emails (e.g. your name, phone number, email address ). This data will enable me to contact and communicate with you.

So firstly, my email systems are handled by Gmail. Like all of our systems below, these systems are accessed through password protected machines with logins held in a secure vault. Only Sarah at Hair Design has access to this.

You are protected by Google’s terms for this here.


I also store our clients’ information within Mailchimp, a secure mass email service, in order for me to efficiently inform you about new service, updates and anything else.  For example, I may send out an email alerting you of a service I’m providing or to alert you of changes to my working hours.

You are protected by Mailchimp’s terms for this here.


I use a database to keep my service up-to-date and digital, safe, secure and easy to use.  However, I am still a fan of old fashioned pen and paper note taking when we sit face to face to do a consultation with you. And for when we do a skin test.

I store this physical data in client box files whilst you are a client of mine. For skin tests, hair colours etc. WHAT IF I WANT TO KNOW WHAT PERSONAL DATA YOU HAVE STORED ABOUT ME OR MY BUSINESS?

I respect your individual data rights. These include the right to be informed, the right to access and the right to erasure, you can read a little more about your right to erasure here.

If you wish to erase the data held in third party systems, If you wish to make a request for removal then feel free to email me and the data that will be removed. I will remove the data and confirm that the data has been removed.