The Fantastic Hairdresser …. Products and education

Alan Austin-Smith and Carolyn Field have over 35 years of experience in the salon industry, from their early days at Sassoons through to successful careers as creative hairdressers, educators, salon owners and in Alan’s case; 8 years with L’Oreal, before forming the leading business education company in the UK Salon Industry.

With a customer list that includes Trevor Sorbie, Michael Van Clarke, HOB, Rainbow Room, Clipso, Headmasters, Toni & Guy, Brooks & Brooks, Hooker & Young, Umberto Giannini, Wella, Aveda, Goldwell and Alfa Parf, not to mention the vast amount of ‘normal’ fantastic salons out there that we work with on an ongoing basis, it’s easy to trust that The Fantastic Hairdresser gets real results!

Alan believes that the only way to get the results we need is through a motivated and passionate team. He believes that we have to change the way we communicate to hairdressers to achieve the levels of commitment needed.


Providing a unique range of courses, business coaching and programmes for everyone in the team. The most recent venture being our new product range incorporating our revolutionary Salon Benefit System!

£15 plus product which your client can buy from you at £8.99 when you use the Salon Benefit System!!!!

Having launched our unique system that allows salons to compete properly online for the first time, it’s now time to focus on our wonderful products:

The whole range is based on 2 beautiful oils that really make a difference;

Avocado Oil – one of the highest sources of monounsaturated fatty acids and fibres but such a light oil it penetrates the hair shaft and skin so easily (that’s why the ultimate hair and body oil is flying of the shelves)

Passion Flower Oil – Another very light oil which although beneficial to hair has been included because of its deeply nourishing and stimulating properties for the scalp encouraging hair growth and vitality.

However, It’s not just what’s in our products that make them fantastic – it’s what isn’t!!

Sulphate free shampoos: but… they have a beautiful rich lather!!
No Parabens: (evidence emerging suggesting links to certain cancers)
Here is a big one that many don’t know about… Mineral Oils (Crude Oil effectively) used in most hair care products (even at the highest level) and once again health reports are starting to emerge – we don’t have any!!

And finally our gorgeous fresh light summer fragrance of figs, freshly cut grass and green tea is non allergenic!!

That’s a £15 plus product which your client can buy from you at £8.99 when you use the Salon Benefit System!!!!